The Academy


Baiima Christian Academy

“All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.” Isaiah 54:13
The Baiima Christian Academy, established by the Sierra Leone Christian Mission in 2011, provides a structured Christian education forum. It started with classes K through grade 3, and a new grade added each year. The school currently has a Junior High School (Middle School). The total student enrollment is 185 for the 2017/2018 Academic school year.  Each student pays a registration fee of $5 per academic year. The Junior High (Middle School) students pay an additional $7.00 tuition a year. This may seem to be a small price to pay for much-needed education; however, these funds do not come easily to the poor people of Baiima. Each student is provided with school uniforms, shoes, a school bag, school supplies, and a daily hot lunch.  The Academy has sixteen employees: eleven teachers, a Liberian, a lunch manager, a lunch assistant, a caretaker, a security guard, and a carpenter.  Lodging is provided for out-of-town teachers.

How to Support the Academy
Support of the Academy is essential to its sustainability and its expansion. The children of Baiima lack the basic necessities and are in need of education, along with a meal each day. Without this meal from the Academy, the students will only eat one meal a day. Your financial support is needed and appreciated. Become a sponsor of our Academy – Click here for more information.  Our major need is funds to help finish the construction of the teachers’ quarters, furnish a computer laboratory and sponsorship for students to continue their education.  There are currently 160 students waiting for sponsors.

Summer & Vacation Bible School
Five students who achieved first positions in their classes (based on grades) were taken on a five-day field trip to Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. This was the students’ first trip out of the village of Baiima. They were very excited to see the beach and to explore Freetown.  The Baiima Christian Academy held its first two weeks Summer School classes in 2013.  Fifty students took classes in English and Maths.  They also participated in Vacation Bible School.  In 2016, Summer and Vacation Bible School was repeated.  This time, it was opened to students in the community.  There were 94 students in attendance, from 1st – 6th grade.  All the teachers volunteered their time among them were candidates for teaching positions at the school and two college students.

Our Future Goals
– To expand the academy through High School
– Train young minds who will be future pastors, evangelists, teachers, lawyers, business men/women and Christian leaders with integrity, who will impact their community for Christ.  The elementary school is an extension of the church.  A new classroom building for the Junior and High School was completed in 2016.

The Soccer Team
In an effort to not only develop the minds of the young children of Baiima spiritually,  we also recognize the need for physical activity and the importance of teaching children to work together as a team. We encourage a clean and healthy environment. The school and church have a soccer team. Through donations, we are able to provide the teams with soccer uniforms, shoes and soccer balls.